Schliere lacht 2019 Schliere lacht 2019

Jil Bekkali 2015 Jil Bekkali with the former band Soulcase. Now we wait for the new sound and look with the

Bluesmerize 2018 Bluesmerize 2018 Bergdietikon

Patent Ochsner Patent Ochsner; Bühne und seine Mannschaft in Rappi

Annakin 2016 Annakin presenting the new album "flowers in the moon"

Annakin 2014 Annakin meets the classical orchestra "Kammerorchester Zürich"

BASKERY swedish blues   Blues and Jazz Rapperswil 25.06.2016

The Bacon Fats Hard-Swing-Blues power band. Youtube: Swiss Train
Urdorf, Rappi, Baden and Schlieren

Soulcase in Schlieren Soulcase with Jil Joyce Bekkali 12.09.2015

Schlieren lacht Jan Hartmann and Zyggi the Raindog, Gardi Hutter, Jills Coctail Combo

Openair im Grüene 08.08.2015 Mike Eric, Soulcase, Marco Marchi & The Mojo Workers.

Blues and Jazz in Rapperswil Nina Attai, Marco Marchi & The Mojo Workers, Candy Dulfer 26.06.2015

Beth Hart The American Blues lady in Zürich

Jonny Clegg "The white Zulu" Singer, songwriter and fighter for equaliy from South Africa

Steff la Cheffe Steff the female rapper from Berne

Acustic Africa Habib Koite, Vusi Mahlasela and Dobet Gnahore. African music stars

Willi de Ville Hispano freak