Sweden Galerie

The main reason to visit Sweden were our friends we know since 41 years now.
Of course we wanted to celebrate our 40 years anniversary, but Corona changed our plans the year before.

We started in Stockholm. The capital surrounded by water. With the impressing kings palace, the old town with the small roads and the museums.
Different times we went on a boat ride to see the skyline in a different way.

Next stop was Malmkoeping. Here we had our fantastic meeting with our friends from Sweden, France, Germany and Spain.
Of course we had our summer crayfish meal with all different Swedish specialities.
The main excursion was the boat ride starting in Gripsholm and going to the island Birka. An ancient town and trade place fort he Vikings.

Lake of Tiveden. Different walks  in the nature reserve Tiveden and along the lake. Sympatic holiday resort Hamgarden. Very recommended hosts Marian and Arjan van Ham  www.hamgarden.com  

With David Tverling we went on a moose safari. David is an  incredible source of nature know how. Thanks a lot
In one evening he showed us 7 mooses. More than some locals do see in their whole live.    www.naturguidetiveden.se 

Kosta and Boda. Glas art and factories.

Island Oeland. Similar to Holland with all the windmills and light towers. Museum Himmelberga with traditional houses.

We visit a Annita our friend in Trollhaettan. The town with many watergates for ships.

Lysekil with all the archipelagos.