South Africa    pictures

On our journey in november 2005 our main target was to meet local people, to learn about the culture, to hike in national parks and of course to see wild animals. 

That all was possible in the 4 weeks we hat time. Our wish to come back an other year to the rainbow country grew as more we discovered on our trip.

We had an wonderful time and meet many interesting and warm hearted people, that made our journey a pleasure and great success. 

So we want to thank to everybody also that ones we couldn't listen below. 


Dr. Princess Cynthia Kabayana (including many helpers) who gave us a direct  access to the Zulu culture. 

Hanspeter Graber he knows everything about South Africa and only with his know how we could see so much in that short time we had.

Urmillah Singh the expert about Indian Culture in Durban and the change of the Apartheid.

Angela Rupp  Imagine Reiseservice  she planned all our special wishes.

Vinny Mandulo GuesthouseChris guide in Umfolozi Nationalpark, Eric Ku Bo boyj River Lodge

Kheli und Yogesh guest appartments in Knysna, Tony  the mountainbike tourguide in Knysna.