Ladakh the most northern part of India in the Himalaya

The place where you find very old Buddist monasteries, not disturbed by any political influences.
Wonderful landscapes in a combination of dry hills and green river valleys.
Friendly people who live in this harsh environment.

In a group of 6 friends we discovered the valley around Leh, with the interesting monasteries. Of course we went on the famous Marka trekking.
 As dessert 2 of us climbed the mountain Stok Kangri (with one of the most exiting sunrises ever on the top).

Our visit was a full success, mainly because we had chosen the best trekking agency in Leh. The agency owner Sahid organized everyting for us. He is very friendly and reliable. We really recommend him.
Guide Shekhar cared about everything, like river crossing, the best way to take and a good camp site.

Thanks also to Banti the trekking Manager, Minbahadur the cook with the kitchen boys Ringzin and Akash, the drivers who showed us around, The horsemen and and the Hotel Palace staff. Everybody was very helpful and friendly.

pictures Markha Trek and Leh and Indus valley

pictures Mountain Stok Kangri 6123m   Yasmin trekking agency in Leh     Hotel in Leh