Daniel's view         Botswana  "the place for wild animals and a lot of real nature"                                

What we saw was exceptional: huge elephant groups, giraffes running, an eagle flying with a catched fish in his claws, crocodiles attaking a crevass of an elephant, lions spotting a warthog that they wanted to hunt, Oryx antilopes in the dry Kalahari desert, zebras swimming in the river, a hippo feeding just near our tents, the old elephant with huge tuskers who visited us in the camp. Not to forget all the colourful birds with our special friend the lilachbrested roller (Gabelrake).

Our trip started in the town  Maun with a scenic flight over the Okavango delta. The national parks Moremi and Chobe followed. In Kasane we relaxed, went on a boat ride on the Chobe river and made a day trip to Zimbabwe (Victoria falls, Helicopter flight). Makgadigkadi-Pans (Nata Bird Sanctuary), Sowa Pans, Kubu-Island, Central Kalahari game reserve (Sunday-Pan), Makgadikgadi Pans national park (huge Baobab trees).

We travelled in a group of 11 people in 3 cars. Gery was our experienced guide. It was a real adventure, where a lot of team spirit was needed. Everybody brought in his skills and power to make our trip running: like cooking, fire wood collecting, campsite preparing, drive the cars and fixing broken gear. Camping is essential to get close to the nature. In the National parks 4 weel driven cars are a must and a group of cars is safer. Sandy tracks and water holes made driving the cars almost a camel trophy trip.

The governement is aware of the tourists as good money coming, so the national parks are well organized. The country is growing fast (diamond mining and tourism), the people are friendly and corruption is  low.


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A very special thank to Gery our guide and allrounder